A mums life…..

To all of the mums who happen to be reading this blog, “I salute you”.  Mums are incredibly resilient and determined. The amount of tasks they perform each and every day is outstanding. Being a mum of five children myself I know all about the work involved and the ‘sometimes not so appreciated moments’ we … More A mums life…..

Back to Basics

The fast changing modern day we live in presents us with the reality that the basics or foundations of so many areas of life are being lost and forgotten amongst an endless sea of new ideas and processes. I doubt that there is any stone unturned or untouched by what seems to be a desire … More Back to Basics

Fickle feelings

To live by feelings alone would be like a diet consisting of ONLY chocolate. Don’t get me wrong I love good feelings as much as I love my chocolate, however to rely on both would be unhealthy and not realistic. When I was younger I lived on feelings like a car that needs petrol to … More Fickle feelings