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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Daily routines don’t vary so much from day to day unless something unpredictable happens such as a sick child or an unexpected event. My daily routine is generally the same each day beginning with motherly duties followed by study, mixed in with the all too often visits on social media sites like face book (especially when studying a statistics unit ). Once the afternoon progresses I am back to my motherly duties with… Read More

The fast changing modern day we live in presents us with the reality that the basics or foundations of so many areas of life are being lost and forgotten amongst an endless sea of new ideas and processes. I doubt that there is any stone unturned or untouched by what seems to be a desire for something more exciting and fulfilling. It seems as though areas of life that we once held… Read More

To live by feelings alone would be like a diet consisting of ONLY chocolate. Don’t get me wrong I love good feelings as much as I love my chocolate, however to rely on both would be unhealthy and not realistic. When I was younger I lived on feelings like a car that needs petrol to keep running. If there were no good feelings my day would come to a halt. If I… Read More

When I was younger I remember watching a show called PRISONER. It was an Australian soap opera based around women inmates and their lives in prison. In Canada the same show was called CAGED WOMEN. In referencing this t.v soap opera I am not so much blogging about the story lines within the show, but rather drawing your attention to ‘prison life’, or more aptly put ‘caged women’. There were many years… Read More