To all of the mums who happen to be reading this blog, “I salute you”.  Mums are incredibly resilient and determined. The amount of tasks they perform each and every day is outstanding. Being a mum of five children myself I know all about the work involved and the ‘sometimes not so appreciated moments’ we must weather through. We keep going when the going gets tough!

Why? We simple love our children and it is in our nature to nurture and take care of our little ones.

Personally I have enjoyed being a mum above and beyond anything else in my life. It has been so rewarding to watch them grew and develop into lovely individuals. Everything that I have ever done for each one of them has been from a heart that just loves and cares. A mums heart is powerful and deep. When I consider my times as a mum there have been more rewards and positive moments than difficult ones.

HOWEVER, the truth is as a mum we do have moments when we feel overlooked and undervalued. Most of the times we just get on with it yet there are those occasions when perhaps the family has taken us for granted and have not considered “mum” for a while. Like everyone else in the family ‘mum’ needs time to herself.

She needs rest, support, help, understanding, love, attention, encouragement.

Quite recently I had several weeks of ‘crazy busy’ it was very hectic. On top of the usual household tasks that needed doing I had a statistics assessment due and I had my dear family visit from another state. By the end of it all I sort of crumbled into a heap one afternoon on my bed. I was just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. My husband was talking with me and I just randomly spoke about how I felt at that moment. I said to my husband “I feel like even if I had no arms or legs this family would still expect me to do everything”. While that is obviously an exaggeration it is how I felt at that moment.

Being a mum is not what you call a glamourous life. Most of the time you are putting yourself last on the list and everyone else is your priority. Family members don’t always appreciate what you do around the house or how much you may be juggling each and every day. We don’t get weekly awards or recognition.

It is a selfless life.

As a mum all we want is the best for every single child that we have had the privilege of raising. When they hurt, we hurt. When they are broken, we are broken. We almost feel the pain that they are experiencing when they walk through difficult seasons.

We walk with them, we talk with them.

Over the years I have heard this statement on several occasions, “once a mum always a mum”. I couldn’t agree more with the message of that statement. When you have children they are engraved into your heart. While the level of your involvement changes throughout their life, there is no button that exists to turn down or turn off your emotional connection to them.

Being a mum involves many sacrifices

When my firstborn came into the world it was such a shock to my selfish life. Up until that point I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. If that meant having a sleep in, then that is what I did. There was no one else to consider apart from my husband. We were able to just go wherever we wanted in a moment’s notice.

There was so much to learn in nursing a baby for the first time and one of the biggest challenges that I personally felt was letting go of my own needs, wants and desires. My baby needed to be the priority above my own needs.

I suppose what I am really saying is that ‘I understand when it feels as though you are unnoticed and unappreciated’. I don’t believe our families intend it to be that way it is just that they are not in our shoes. They are not “MUM”. So they have difficulty comprehending our need to be noticed and appreciated sometimes.

So to all the mums out there, “Well done”, for all you do for your family. While it may seem on occasion that you are unappreciated and forgotten, the love and the influence you have in their lives will live on.

When you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed take time out for yourself. Yes we are selfless and we sacrifice a lot however we do also need to take time out for ourselves and rejuvenate.

Keep up the good work and remember you have one of the most important influential positions in the world.

Your input is never wasted.

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