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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hello faithful awesome readers! Just thought to let you all know that since we are moving house at the current moment, I won’t be free enough to blog. However, there is plenty to read if you want to check out the archives section on the home page. I’m thinking of you all….  I will be back as soon as I can manage a spare moment to write something worth reading 🙂 Until… Read More

I’m not entirely sure where this blog is going to end up, I only hope that I can write it somewhat close to what is going on in my thoughts. As it is quite challenging to be able to write thoughts down for others to read and make sense of, so here goes…… The past few weeks have been a mixture of fun school holiday activities with my 9 year old, the… Read More

Firstly to all the guys, my apologies this blog is not a discussion about handyman jobs around the house. Although if a piece of expensive jewellery vanished down the drain you could be summoned by a significant other to grab any tool you can get a hold of leaving no time  to spare in order to save your investment. It is quite a scary thought to imagine an expensive ear ring dropping… Read More