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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Whether you wear a wrist watch or have several clocks around the house or better still carry your mobile phone on you at all times, you will have noticed that time doesn’t stop for anyone. Even if we were to turn off our clocks we don’t possess the power to turn off time…. Time began the minute the world existed. From the moment you were born into this world you had in… Read More

Every now and then the need to escape life’s challenges can have us digging deep trenches for disappearing or may provide us with speedy athletic legs to help us make a run for it. Challenges often create powerful emotions which are often difficult to handle so we go searching for an escape method. To escape from powerful emotions we may be tempted to stuff our faces with chocolate, cake and cookies while… Read More

♥♥♥Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It is a special day of romance in which couples indulge in chocolates and cuddly teddy bears adorned with hearts. The evening sets the scene for an intimate … Source: Sparks or no sparks on Valentines Day..