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Live NOW don’t keep waiting

There may be areas in your life which are not exactly where you would like them to be, live NOW

It could be that someone in your life has put you on hold, live NOW

Your past doesn’t need to cripple you, live NOW

Perhaps you feel overlooked at work, live NOW

Your marriage failed, live NOW

Sometimes it isn’t fair, live NOW

You made a mistake, live NOW

You’ve gained weight, live NOW

You simply woke up in a bad mood, live NOW

When the answer doesn’t come, live NOW

Your hard work hasn’t paid off yet, live NOW

Your not where you want to be, live NOW

LIVE NOW don’t put your life on hold for anything or anyone. Each moment is precious and you will never get it back. There is no pause in time. While you may tick something off the list a new item will be added. Live NOW , make the moments count and stop for a minute to realise what you do have in your life. Its not always about the future, when you get to the future there will be new challenges to deal with.

So why stop living?