Hormone replacement therapy

After turning 50 years old this May 2020 I ended up in a place where I needed to confront my fears of taking medication and start a process of taking care of my physical self. It all started with high blood pressure readings, anxiety to making a decision regarding my menapausal stage of life. I made a decision to start Hormone Replacement Therapy and to record some of the journey for those that are in the same situation looking for answers to gain back their quality of life. This is my first video which was taken on the day I started the hormone therapy.

Depending upon positive or negative changes will depend how often I do a video. I will keep them fairly short and to the point. Hopefully this will provide some encouragement to other females who are on the same road and have been concerned about starting HRT.

Believe me when I say that I had a phobia of taking medication. Having ended up in hospital with dangerously high blood pressure I was suddenly faced with taking action!!!

Hope you find my videos informative and encouraging.

My video diary – Day 1 of HRT 4th July 2020

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