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My Truth

I stepped into what I thought was a safe life. Church is safe, right? Familiarity took hold and made me feel safe. You were familiar and intriguing. I had to chase a little until I was caught. I thought it was love, did I know what love was? I found myself following, believing every word […]

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Negative + Positive = Life

Yesterday we watched the new Avatar Movie, 3 hours of non stop entertainment. Towards the end I started to reflect on life and its resemblance to movies. So many movies have the good guys and the bad guys. What would a movie be without that tension? You have the kind hearted souls that are family […]

Healing Process Inspiration Strength and resilience

My word for the New Year is Thankfulness.

So much can happen in a two week period. Following a general check up of a nodule in my thyroid recently led me to a biopsy. IN all honestly I was not one slightly bit concerned. It had grown and standard procedure is to have a biopsy when in one year it went from 9mm […]