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Welcome to my blog page! You will find a collection of blog entries  written for the purpose of inspiring individuals of all ages. These include topics on low self esteem, midlife, marriage, teenage life and various other areas all written from my heart to yours. A lot of what I talk about comes from my personal experience of 27 yrs in married life and being a mum to  five incredible children. Over the past 3 and a half years I have been studying Psychology. Writing blogs has been  an avenue for me to reach out to the everyday person who can relate to what I am talking about. I’m aware that life can get extremely tough sometimes as I have been in some very tough situations myself. From my own pain and triumphs I write these blogs to be a light in a dark world. My passion is to  let individuals know they are not alone with their struggles others have been there too!

Why am I doing this?

Simply because I am brave enough and willing to talk about topics that matter and I care about people. When I was struggling through issues I found it difficult to find someone who was able to relate to my situation and also willing to be transparent enough to share their story. I can understand why people may not be willing to let down their guards and share their story however out of my own frustrations I decided to share my journey so that if the everyday individual  relates to what I am talking about it will bring a sense of comfort, not to mention HOPE!

Much of what I share about tends to gravitate towards the condition of a persons heart. As much of what we do tends to be external. Life gets very busy and it is almost easier to ignore the signals that are showing up rather than deal with issues.  These issues are usually something that is happening on the inside and our hardest attempts at resolving them externally will not solve these internal problems. Perhaps temporarily? Cleaning out our heart is like cleaning out those cluttered cupboards around the house. When cupboards are too full there is no room to add anything else in there. Or like a computer if we have too much overloading our system we can crash!

Other times we experience situations in which we are so overwhelmed in difficulties and problems that are completely new to us and so we may struggle to understand what sort of questions we should be asking. These moments are usually when we hit new seasons in our life, they are roads that have not been traveled on before so it can be a bit of a guessing game at times to get through them safely. When we find the courage to look inside and deal with the true issues then life becomes so much more manageable, it can also put a smile back on your face and the face of your family.

True Beauty begins in the heart.

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    1. Yes 5 children 🙂 Four of them are adults now and the youngest is turning 9. That being said when you are a parent you are always a parent! Through the good and the bad and YES there are tough days however, it is all worth it. With the first child you learn ALOT so the second child is much easier 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging comment, much appreciated!

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