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Don’t discount the little things.

Let’s face it, in today’s climate it is all too easy to get swept up into believing only large headlines are important and impacting. We can easily be drawn into attention grabbing successful highlights seen on t.v, social media and magazines or in the lives of people we rub shoulders with. Sometimes attention is placed on that which shines brighter and sounds louder coupled with a belief which provides the illusion that amazing happiness will follow once we reach this unreachable dream we are all seemingly searching for?

That until you have the most important job, biggest house or richest bank account and large influential group of friends you have in some ways not made it yet…  How is it that so much of life that shines brighter and sounds louder has been exalted to such a point in which all of the little things can be discounted and unnoticed?

Personally I have nothing against success or highlights, wins or gains!

How many of us have experienced amazing success?

In life we all experience different wins and gains which come wrapped up quite uniquely.

A big win for me came about only a few months ago when I finally got accepted for employment. While it is only a three month contract at this stage I have learnt so much from the job itself. In my job I get to talk to people who are at their worst and often feel very distressed. I talk with people who were like me only a few months ago and are searching for employment. These people are struggling financially and some are facing all sorts of personal challenges. As I sit at my desk each day I witness individuals pouring out their hurts and fears. These people tell me how hard their life is. I hear of tragedies’ and personal deep challenges some are fighting! I hear about their rejections in life and the hopelessness they feel as they keep searching for someone to give them a job. Many of the people I see are highly qualified in their field. I get to sit with the average mum who is looking for a job to the once very successful career high flyer.

Each person that sits at my desk I take notice of.  Each life is valuable. I don’t discount my position in that moment. While my job is not one of bright lights and glamour it is one of the most important roles I have ever had the privilege of working in. Each day as I walk out of the doors to head home I smile as I think about the ways in which I’ve sprinkled a little hope purely by listening, encouraging and supporting.

When was the last time you sat with someone and truly listened to what their heart was saying?

Listening, caring, encouraging, understanding, supporting and empathy are powerful tools we all have in our tool belt. These tools or qualities are not loud or noticeable to the world.  They are all too often forgotten and discounted. Yet when you consider the power these tools have to help someone why are they less utilised?

Think about it for a minute!

What are your fondest memories?

For myself I can remember several occasions throughout my childhood and teenage years in which there were significant people that took the time out to ask me how I was. At the time it meant the world to me. I have never forgotten those people or those memories.

In today’s climate it’s often easy to get shocked when someone genuinely cares about how you are doing?

These ‘little things’ are not little at all.

There are days when I sit at my desk and get frustrated that I can’t do more for people yet the little things that I can do are welcomed more than I could have imagined. In fact I’m regularly taken by surprise after the person I have just spent a little time with genuinely thanks me for believing in them. It is as though they are empty and haven’t heard anything positive for a long time.

A sprinkle of encouragement goes a long way.

Encouragement has the power to make a person’s life brighter and their smile bigger.

People are people despite their status in society. Some I sit with work packing shelves while others are highly educated and have held positions one can only dream about. No matter the status they all appreciate being heard, encouraged, believed in and supported. What is more amazing is that no one has questioned my credentials or experience. It is an industry I have never worked in before and while no credentials are needed to perform my role in this job I take the position seriously and regard each person I have appointments with as someone I have the opportunity to speak hope too!

Most times it is those quiet little things that are more powerful long term then anything that shines bright or sounds loud.

Jobs, relationships, finances, possessions, qualifications, status, friends, health can all change in a moment without warning.

While encouragement, support and genuine care and concern are always available if we choose to use them and are never forgotten by the people we give them too!

Let’s not focus on the shining lights and loud attention grabbing illusions but rather put our energy and efforts into the little things that make life bigger and better for each of us.

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Officially Spring Today

Spring has arrived today! Depending on where you live this could mean pure rejoicing. Especially if it is a state within Australia that gets super cold in winter as some parts enjoy winters one can only dream about. If you’re from Brisbane the winters are not much to complain about, it can get cold at night however in comparison to Canberra for instance it is worlds apart.

Each day of Spring will bring about long awaited warmth and sunshine. Gardens will begin to sprout life and colours that were dormant for months. People hibernating from winter will begin coming outdoors to enjoy everything there is to offer.

For us girls the realisation that our wardrobes are now desperately in need of an update can inspire us to go shopping. Eventually all the winter wear will be locked away till next year!

The truth of the matter is however that while it is Spring, the lives of many individuals or families are still navigating a cold and bitter winter. Depending on the circumstances determines the length of time that it will take for them to see sunshine again. To appreciate what can so easily be taken for granted such as; smiling, laughing, planning, dreaming or just plain enjoying life…..

I’ve been going through my own personal winter and today marks week 5. You may have noticed from some of my previous blogs that something could be going on. As the situation is still current I haven’t felt it necessary to provide details.

Once my winter passes I will be able to share with you this journey I am on and encourage others who could possibly be going through a similar experience.

There is no end in sight for my winter right now; each new day is just that, a new day. My life consists of getting through just the one day. When you are going through something extremely difficult focusing on the ‘one day at a time’ takes away from the burden of tomorrow. The minute I allow myself to start thinking too much about tomorrow or next week, or next month I begin to get overwhelmed again.

The winter season I am navigating arrived quite unexpectedly and in such a way that I could never have been prepared for what was going to take place. It was not marked on my 2016 Calendar. While the first part of this year had been challenging, little did I know that it was going to get super challenging. A little like those t.v. survivor shows.

I have had to face several fears and muster up courage that has been dormant previously, as this type of courage was not needed until now. It has  been quite surprising to find out what resources I have within me. Not to mention the strength that my family provides.

Life is somewhat put on hold for me at the moment a little like when you are put on hold waiting for a person to answer your call, only this time I’m right at the end of what seems to be a never ending queue.

While stepping through this winter season I’m encouraged as I discover different levels of strength and resilience. In the midst of ‘one of the most difficult’ seasons I have ever experienced, I am learning more about myself and how valuable it is to have the support of family and friends.

This situation doesn’t need to ruin the rest of my life. There is still a life to be lived and while it may look impossible right now eventually it will settle back into the new, whatever that may look like. You could say that I am making new discoveries within my winter.

These discoveries in my winter will sprout new blossoms and colours that have not been seen before. It almost seems as though there is some Spring in my Winter.

Whatever the season you find yourself living right now take the time to enjoy it.

If life isn’t blossoming for you it’s OK, it will….♥

And remember even though plants look dead in winter they can surprise you with life again. There is always hope in winter so keep on hoping, no one can take that away from you.

Happy Spring!