What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

My favourite is the purple bracelet with the words “You got this” I bought for my mum when she was battling cancer. Unfortunately she passed away so I have the bracelet now in memory of her and wore it when I had surgery for thyroid cancer about 5 months ago.

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Abuse is never Ok ever

At times I still think about how I managed to put up with so much unjust treatment. It took me years to figure out that the blame was not solely on me. I was a genuine person that needed communication, understanding, care, protection and safety. I was a genuine person that hurt when I received […]


Happy Easter 2023

Wishing all my followers a Happy Easter this long weekend. Easter is another occasion each year to miss our loved ones who are no longer with us, and I know exactly how that feels having lost my mum over a year ago. I miss her deeply. It’s not always the easiest of times for these […]

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What can happen in 2 weeks !!!

I faced my biggest fears after a biopsy of my thyroid revealed cancer. That word alone scares me to bits after mum, despite the differences in cancer. I’ve was a wreck for 2 weeks prior to surgery which involved taking out my thyroid gland completely. This cancer has 98% success following treatment. If anything it’s […]

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It is what it is …

AT nearly 53 years old this May 2023, second marriage for one year with my gorgeous husband, mother of five, fulltime employee, eldest sister of four, daughter to my awesome Dad and a friend to my friends, life time and time again shows me how it can be so senseless on this planet. What am […]