To hate yourself is painful


Are you struggling with low self esteem? It used to be something that controlled my life and stopped me from being able to enjoy life. You feel as though you are in prison and have no way out. It can affect your relationships with others, your own purpose in life and can consume you to the point in which you feel as though people are looking at you in a negative light. Please feel free to talk about your journey, your struggles and your triumphs! Just use the comment section below if you have anything you would like to share or ask?

Feel free to use the sharing buttons underneath to share this page with anyone you think could benefit. Along with this discussion page there are several blogs that I have written about my own journey with low self esteem. Somehow I was convinced that low self esteem was going to stay with me forever! The truth is it doesn’t have to, it isn’t a life sentence and the answers are easier than you think. 

Do you find yourself over-reacting?

It hurts to hate yourself

What time is it?

A prisoner in your own skin

Free yourself to be yourself

Has the cat got your tongue?


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