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When your world caves in.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself some place you never intended to be.  Although it can get worse when you don’t know how to get yourself out!

Life is such that even when we are doing our best suddenly the world can cave in on us.  It may feel as though someone just switched the light off.  Everything turns dark and suddenly you are forced to use your other senses to try navigating the situation as your eyes struggle to see.

It’s only normal to struggle seeing in the dark.

I find it very difficult navigating the house in the middle of the night when its pitch black. I might be convinced that the end of the bed finished in a certain spot and THEN suddenly the forgotten little toe manages to attack the corner of the bed like some wild animal. The excruciating pain that follows seals the deal in my mind that I will never do that again! Try telling that to the little toe and see if it remembers….

I’ve heard it said that when someone loses their sight they must rely on their other senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste. All of these others senses just grow in strength, so someone that can’t see can have exceptional abilities to hear.

When life caves in suddenly everything we relied on previously may not be available. We may be forced to look at things differently.  It could be someone you relied on, who was a part of your life in a very big way. When they were a part of your life there were certain things you didn’t need to consider as they took care of that. Whatever the reasons a person is no longer in your life it is up to you to take up the things they once took care of. This can be a very difficult season. It is almost as if parts of you that were not needed are forced into action,

almost like unused muscles.

At least when we ourselves choose to turn the light off there is some form of control in the situation but it is very challenging when someone else switches that light off.  You may have tried everything to make something work and all of your best efforts crumbled into a heap.

So what  helps  you in the dark?

When you find yourself in the dark rushing is definitely out of the picture. You can’t rush when everything is difficult to see. It’s a time of taking one step at a time, remaining calm and patient regardless of the million different emotions or thoughts that may try and entrap you into a corner.

It requires a lot of focus.

It may mean that you can only find a small little torch to use for the time being. Meaning that although you don’t have all the answers to the current storm in your life little steps can provide you with an ability to move forward rather than just sitting there waiting…. And feeling overwhelmed with fear and worry. While the little torch doesn’t compare to an actual light, it can give you a sense of comfort.  Just like when a storm causes the power to go out and you frantically search for every available candle. Having candles around the house when the lights have gone out brings a little relief. It is a time to remind yourself that while in the current moment it is impossible to see beyond your immediate situation, eventually storms pass and the lights come back on.

We can’t always understand the reasons for why life presents us with incredibly difficult seasons. It is only normal to ask questions when life caves in. It may take quite some time to come to grips with the ordeal.

Try not to do it all alone, reach out to people who are around you.

Most importantly remember it’s OK to not have it all together when your world caves in.

Just like sunrises and sunsets your life will come out of the dark and start shining again.

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Hard times build and equip

Every human being that has travelled through life on earth have experienced some hard times. Take a moment and imagine the impossible with me.  What if we were able to put together a gigantic poster naming all the people that have ever existed in times past and present. Alongside their names we write down all the hard times they had lived through. I wonder what that would look like. Perhaps the hard times of those that existed centuries ago would be quite different to the hard times experienced by those of us existing in today’s world. We may also find that the hard times experienced vary for each person in the degree of difficulty.  Amongst all the names on this gigantic poster we find ourselves speechless as we read about the stories filled with incredible challenges.

How did they get through that, we wonder?

With the knowledge that there are different stories of hard times and different levels of difficulty within them, we know that to each person ‘that hard time’ was indeed hard!!!

We know that because of our own hard times.

When you are going through ‘a hard time’ hearing of other people’s hard times doesn’t take away the pain you are feeling. It may help you to feel thankful that you are not going through something as difficult, yet YOU are still going through your own journey!

Would life really be that great if we didn’t experience difficulties? Naturally we don’t like hardship and challenges. You don’t usually hear people saying “Oh I can’t wait to go through that incredibly difficult trial; it is going to be so much fun”.  Of course that sounds ridiculous as hard times are not fun they are HARD.

Personally I hate hard times! They are uncomfortable, painful and often scary. BUT I know for a fact that who I am today as a person is a result of going through difficult situations in life that have matured and strengthened me. These difficult situations have helped me to understand that I have ‘no control’ over certain aspects of life or people which has taught me to let go.

In my spiritual life it has taught me to trust! To trust more in the God that I know who loves me and has my best interest at heart!

It has given me a heart for other people. From my own pain I desire to share my life with others so that I can give them comfort and hope. It has helped me to understand how a person may be feeling when they are struggling with life.

Ultimately ‘the hard times’  shift my focus off myself onto other people.

The hard times have equipped me with tools that I can use to help others. It has built perseverance to keep going when the odds are against me!

Each difficult time that I have experienced has built in me a strength that has helped me get through the next difficult time. We don’t know what the future holds or what we may have to experience in life so my perspective is that these difficulties are times of strengthening and equipping so that when the really tough season approaches I have the ability to keep going.

These hard times give us an appreciation for when life is good as it is all too easy to take life for granted when things are going great!

When we are in the middle of ‘a hard time’ it is dark and lonely. It is very hard to see where one is going or how one is going to get out of it. Those seasons may feel like forever yet they do pass.

If you are in that season right now my hope and prayer is that you keep going! You will get through this situation.

If you are not normally a spiritual type of person I would suggest for you to take a risk and pray. What is Prayer? It’s just talking from your heart to a God that really loves you.

There are countless times that I have come through situations and then found myself looking back and realising how much I have changed as a person. These changes have always been good changes, changes in perspective of other people and perhaps attitudes that needed adjusting.

Something good always comes out of the bad. We may feel buried underneath a bunch of hardship yet eventually we come out of that place and shine. Just as a seed that is planted in the ground underneath the dirt eventually sprouts into something amazing!

You are amazing, you will shine too!