Back to Basics

The fast changing modern day we live in presents us with the reality that the basics or foundations of so many areas of life are being lost and forgotten amongst an endless sea of new ideas and processes. I doubt that there is any stone unturned or untouched by what seems to be a desire for something more exciting and fulfilling. It seems as though areas of life that we once held onto with such value and conviction are being de-valued and buried.  What was once common understanding and conviction that humanity held about life has turned into a kaleidoscope of change with no true certainty of what it is people believe in. Almost as if the bottom of everything has fallen off somewhere and the foundations are no longer available for people to stand on. While the foundations are still there they have turned into ancient ruins. The trouble is this world needs foundations to stand on, something secure and true.

People everywhere young and old have the possibility of being led astray by the many voices and ideas that are whispered or shouted with such distraction. Is the foundation of what is being whispered or shouted for good or for bad? I would say have a look at the results; are the results of what we are seeing around the world or more importantly in families good or bad?

While I am a church person and have faith in God and his word (the bible) which to me is the foundation of everything, in this blog I am merely pointed out the facts of what is happening without getting religious or political. For the sake of having no arguments about each other’s beliefs how about we just look at the basics or the foundations of life itself to see that something valuable has been lost and it needs to be desperately found again.

Why do these foundations need to be desperately found and unearthed so to speak?  For the sake of; families, marriages, individuals, the future, just BASICALLY for the sake of life itself here on earth.

Could it be that people are getting bored with the old? Are all of our basic five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound OVERLY stimulated to such an extent that to settle for the basics is unbearably plain-FUL and tasteless?

Let me present you with the simplest understanding of foundations such as the idea of COLOUR. We all know that without the base colours we would not have any of the more exciting ones!


Here we have a picture of just six primary colours that are the basis of a variety of other colours we are privileged to enjoy. Imagine if these primary colours were said to be boring and irrelevant, no longer needed. Too average and nothing appealing to the eye or satisfying to the soul. These primary colours are necessary, foundational for all of the other colours to exist. Would anyone dare say that “Hey, we have seen enough of these boring, plain colours, what purpose or contribution do these have to our lives anyway. Let’s just do away with them already; we can do better than this”.  Of course that would be ridiculous we can’t have the other colours without these base ones.

Is it possible that the basics of relationships, families, and health have BASICALLY been undermined in some way or another?  It does not take an Einstein to figure that out.

SAD yet true, the basic building blocks of relationships as just one area have been assaulted violently. We see this with the lack of face to face communication. Texting and social media seem to be the modern way of catching up with friends and family. Please here me out! I love social media as my family and many of my friends happen to live in different states to where I am, so this form of communication allows me to stay in touch and that is fantastic! The downside to this type of communication is that we have to be deliberate in making time to be face to face with people. It is all too easy to rely on this convenient method of exchange as it saves time and is accessible 24/7.

As great as it is we have perhaps lost our ability to connect on a heart to heart level. As humans we need that desperately. As we scroll through our news feeds we see the best of everyone’s lives. Has this made us unable to open up to others about the difficulties we may be having. After all everyone else’s life looks like a fairy tale on Facebook so how can we feel comfortable about our own life and be willing to let down our guards to say “hey, I’m struggling”.

Are people willing to hear that others are struggling? Do people really care anymore about others? Are we only accepting of those that appear to have fantastic lives!

The true reality is that behind every face book profile there is a family or an individual who may be going through an enormous battle yet no one knows about it. I don’t mean that it should be advertised on face book but does anyone really know what is going on in other people’s lives.

The basics of human understanding and kindness need to desperately come back. Without connection with others we are doing life by ourselves. People only see the good times we might be having however everyone is blind to the hard times in the homes surrounding you and me.

There are too many examples of the foundations and basics of life that I could talk about that it would need to be continued in another blog.

While I know that it is impossible for me to change the entire world my hope is that these blogs I write and this one in particular have an influence (in a good way) to remind people of the true values of life and to perhaps get them thinking about what is really important.

If you are inspired by these blogs and feel like making a difference in the world share them on social media so that they go further and perhaps reach more people. Not because I want to be famous, just simply because I have such a passion for people and for what is truly valuable. I write these blogs with conviction from my heart hoping to make a difference in someone’s life, somewhere. ..

Most of all remember the basics of life such as forgiveness, communication, love, kindness, generosity, genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of others.

The world can become a better place if we all just do our part!

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By Anu mari ~ The Change that Changes You

A mother of five, working full-time and enjoy writing blogs which are inspired by my own journey. A journey filled with ups and downs and many lessons. Life is filled with change. We will be faced with change we cant control and the change we can which comes down to our choices and the decisions we make. Sometimes we put decisions off hoping things will change and then they don't. That's when we need to decide?

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