Its OK when plans don’t work to plan

There have been so many occasions in which I have suddenly begun thinking about how incredible this world is given how unique and individual people are. It is mind blowing to fathom the differences between millions of humans. How crazy is it that there are so many combinations to people’s appearance. That hair, eyes, personality can be put together in so many different ways. My youngest child who is now 9 yrs old used to use an app on his Nintendo called ‘Mii Maker’, which allowed  him to design characters from a selection of different looking eyes, mouth, hair and noses etc. He was able to arrange these items in whichever way   his creativity took him. Obviously this app is very limited when you compare to the vastness of human life and the diversities that exist.

Another mind blowing thought to consider are the differences that humans share in their life stories. Every human being that has ever been or ever will be or those of us that are here now have a very different background. No two families are completely alike! Beyond the obvious differences of gender and appearance there are these millions of individual journeys with each belonging to a person. These journeys begin the minute a child is born.

Humans are born with natural god given abilities and passions that tend to outline a picture (particularly to parents) as to what their child might be when they grow up. As children develop their natural abilities develop and inspire the child to head into a certain direction in life. At some point the growing child begins to plan out how they will fulfill their desired goals and dreams. In young adulthood there is so much excitement and buzz about the future that it is as if you can almost touch those dreams.


As life goes on we find that those dreams once so close are met with disappointment since the well thought out plans may not have gone to plan. These types of disappointments can lead to a sense of disillusionment for an excited young adult who may have grown up believing they were headed in a certain direction in life yet circumstances started taking them elsewhere almost without their permission.

When the best of plans don’t go in the direction you believed them to take you, does that mean there is no plan? Yes there is still a plan….

We can never guarantee that life is going to run smoothly and everything will fall into place exactly the way we had dreamed that it would. That A would lead to B and then C to D etc. Life is not perfect and never runs perfectly from one day to the next. Stuff happens beyond our control which can interfere with what we were planning to do.

The good news is that your passions and purpose are not limited to the stuff that happens beyond your control. While we may get utterly frustrated and begin believing that we won’t fulfill our purpose in life considering plans didn’t go to plan, the truth is we are often unable to see or understand why we go through stuff!!!!

While I am still on the journey to fulfilling my purpose in life if there is anything that I could say from my own experience it would be this; all of my roadblocks, disappointments, challenges, hurts and pain have worked in me a better plan then I could have put together myself. Our own plans generally don’t involve pain or disappointment, our plans are comfortable plans in which we imagine ourselves being happy and flourishing along in life doing what we love doing (I’m picturing an island scene here, you know the one in which you are relaxing on a comfy beach chair with drink in hand and the sound of the ocean putting you to sleep).  I think that most people don’t put their hand up and say they want to experience disappointment and setbacks,we want the easy road.

Had I not gone through some hard stuff I really don’t think that I could understand where another person is coming from when they are hurting? Naturally most people feel compassion for others yet unless you have gone through some hard stuff you may not truly relate to another person’s pain or experience.  Perhaps everything I have gone through in life so far has equipped me with more tools under my belt so to speak which can help me to connect with people beyond just the psychology text books that I am learning at the moment. You see my natural abilities have always been someone who loves to listen; I’m super sensitive to other people’s emotions and that of my own, when I see the wrong thing happening something inside of me rises up beyond my shell of introversion and says ‘enough is enough’, I’ve always been interested in why people do what they do. I had no plan of studying psychology! I hated school and did not do so well I was very average. Now that I am on this path of study I can see how the plan is still working together for the future. My experiences plus what I am learning in this course will give me greater abilities to help others.

Your dreams and passions may not be to help people like mine are! However the principles are the same, in life we go through hard stuff which tends to work in us a much better version of who we wanted to become in the first place. It is a journey which takes time to unfold. Sometimes we get impatient and want to hurry things along but take it from me a ‘mid-lifer’; enjoy the journey you are on and try not to hurry to your destination too fast.

Although life so far may not have gone to plan there is still a plan; however it is usually quite different to what we originally thought it would be. It is usually better than we thought it would be. Don’t rush! Don’t think that you will never fulfill your purpose simply because those best plans have not worked out. Those plans that haven’t worked out are more likely apart of the plan! It is just that we don’t normally like it when things don’t work out.

We all have a purpose, a unique contribution to life which will look different for each of us. The plan does not stop unfolding even though your plans haven’t worked out. I personally have a faith in God which allows me to trust that even he knows what’s best for me to fulfill my purpose.

Be Encouraged Today!

Our lives may not always LOOK  fbe9c2dfe740a8313854d7b0318b8d0b (2)  like they are headed in the right direction but don’t let that stop you from doing what you love doing. As eventually you will see how it all comes together in ways you could never have orchestrated yourself.

The most beautiful and valuable artwork that only the rich can afford takes precious time and patience to piece together.

Your life and purpose is that artwork.


By Anu mari ~ The Change that Changes You

A mother of five, working full-time and enjoy writing blogs which are inspired by my own journey. A journey filled with ups and downs and many lessons. Life is filled with change. We will be faced with change we cant control and the change we can which comes down to our choices and the decisions we make. Sometimes we put decisions off hoping things will change and then they don't. That's when we need to decide?

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