Negative + Positive = Life

Yesterday we watched the new Avatar Movie, 3 hours of non stop entertainment. Towards the end I started to reflect on life and its resemblance to movies. So many movies have the good guys and the bad guys. What would a movie be without that tension? You have the kind hearted souls that are family orientated trying their best to do all the right things and then on the other spectrum you have the evil doers who don’t care for doing the right thing only what serves their selfish purpose. With that thought in mind how similar does that sound to life?

There is the negatives and the positives!

Life tends to be consistently inconsistent. Life might finally be on track in the best possible way and yet something will challenge that happiness or that moment. Its as though humans are not allowed to bask in the glory of good times for too long. Eventually the negative will show up whether you like it or not. The negative can present itself in so many forms, it might be through people and their bad behaviours, health conditions, job challenges or financial difficulties. Sometimes the negative can become so overwhelming that it can be hard to remind yourself of all the positives in your life. The negative can ever so easily take over and start running the show.

In the past two weeks I had to navigate a BIG NEGATIVE. It was a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, it tossed me into such a mental and emotional spiral. It latched onto the trauma of losing my mum to cancer just over a year ago. It sent me to a place of worry and fear. Despite all the assurances I was given by the specialist and my Dr about the success of recovery via surgery I was not able to see that positive in the moment. I was too overcome with the negative. I had the surgery which was a success and then began my recovery. On one hand I was relieved after surgery and then on the other I was apprehensive knowing that I was still to find out the pathology results of the lymph nodes taken out of my neck which would determine if more treatment would be needed. Happy to report that I had my specialist appointment this Friday and he confirmed that the thyroid gland removal got rid of all the cancer, in fact there was an extra spot on the opposite side of my gland which wasn’t picked up originally. My lymph nodes came back clear which means no more treatment is required, only the hormone medication I will have to take for the rest of my life and some check ups to ensure I continue to stay on track with my health.

Having turned a positive corner with the thyroid saga all the negatives that were associated with that situation have started fading. Life is looking better again, I can breathe, sleep and move forward. I still have some recovery to do however it is so much nicer when you know that at the other end of this I will be back to a new normal minus my thyroid gland and the cancer.

Looking back on what happened with my health in the past few weeks I can see more positives then negatives. In the thick of it I found it very challenging to see the positives as I was too involved emotionally and mentally to see past what I was feeling and experiencing. The beauty about it is that my worries and fears didn’t dictate the outcomes, the outcomes have been great even though my mindset wasn’t.

The past couple of years has been the most challenging. The loss of my mum to cancer has been heart breaking and earth shattering. I’ve had people turn on me for no valid reason and have been made out to be a horrible human being in the midst of that terrible year. They would be the bad guys in my story who don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. So many situations that I will never understand and yet I need to keep going, keep moving forward despite the loss and the pain.

I am going to keep being the good guy in my story, with all the negatives I wont let those situations or people turn me into a bad guy. It’s not worth it. I believe that Good always Wins in the end just as much as the positive over the negative.

Stay true to the good that is in you and don’t let the bad guys or bad situations win, you’ve got this!!!!


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