What can happen in 2 weeks !!!

I faced my biggest fears after a biopsy of my thyroid revealed cancer. That word alone scares me to bits after mum, despite the differences in cancer. I’ve was a wreck for 2 weeks prior to surgery which involved taking out my thyroid gland completely. This cancer has 98% success following treatment. If anything it’s taught me always get checked out medically just in case!

💜 Thanks to my mum for looking out for me.

Morning prior to the day of Surgery 22nd December 2022.
Waiting here to be called up for

I couldn’t help but notice the word
“Carven” on the clock which gave
me a laugh whilst feeling intense
As always my husband was trying
to make me laugh instead of
focusing on my nerves.
Mission accomplished, thyroid
gland removed which eliminated
the cancer.

It’s now been about 2 and half months since the surgery and still recovering. The specialist said it was a great outcome, no cancer found in several lymph nodes removed so didn’t require any other treatment. I will be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life so that will involve regular check ups.

Once again I just thank my mum who was looking after me from the beginning.


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