Does a Perfect Day exist?

This past week there has been two words that have hijacked my thoughts, “perfect conditions”. I found myself thinking about how life seems to have so many imperfect situations. This isn’t the only time that I have considered this thought however each time  the conclusion  I end up with tells me that  ‘there will always be something difficult going on in our lives in some area’. I don’t know about you but I am someone who tends to lean more towards being a perfectionist, so when conditions are far from perfect I find that it requires extra effort to stay motivated and believe that things are going to work out regardless.  My greatest battles for moving forward have been in the midst of less than perfect conditions.

In life there are situations that necessitate ‘perfect conditions’ in order for something to be successful. What are some of those situations? A brief google search on when to climb Mt Everest and when not to, describes weather patterns and conditions to watch out for when making a decision about when to climb. While the conditions are never perfect for climbing there is a particular time of the year which ensures a more successful climb. There is what they call ‘the window’, which is a 4-5 day period of stable weather. This window turns up every year around the 23rd May; it is described as a period of ‘perfect weather’.

OK so climbing Mt Everest has never been a dream of mine so how about some of the everyday situations that are more likely to take place requiring ‘perfect conditions’.

Baking a Cake? Alright, to bake a cake you measure up the ingredients and follow the instructions on the recipe. You make note of the oven temperature and make sure it is set at the right heat and wait the required amount of time it takes to cook the cake for success. If it is not in there long enough it won’t be cooked and in too long the family will not be impressed with a burnt crusty cake!

Successful Mt Everest climbs require stable weather and cooking cakes need the right amount of ingredients and oven temperature/time for success. You may think of other situations that require ‘perfect conditions’ to work, unfortunately since I don’t have the perfect conditions in this household such as a maid (I wish)  to do all my work I don’t have time to keep thinking of more examples.

Does the perfect day exist?

A little bit like the Mt Everest climbs we may prepare for our day to run smoothly by planning ahead taking into consideration everything needed to get things done on a given day. You may be on track with your schedule and then something unplanned happens, redirecting the course of your day. Unlike Mt Everest climbs that can turn deadly when weather conditions suddenly change, the sudden unexpected disruptions or changes in our schedule are usually of no physical harm to us. Yes we can get stressed and frustrated yet we make it to the end of the crazy day still intact.

For a perfect day to exist it would mean that everything in life at that time would need to be perfect. For me that would require that my husband, kids and I would be perfect. IMPOSSIBLE!!! If we can’t get everything working perfectly in our day and if we can’t get people being perfect in our day then the perfect day can’t exist. Read more about feelings @  Fickle Feelings.

After getting married and having children you could say that the ‘perfectionist’ in me had to make room for error. On any given morning no one knows which member of the family is going to be in a bad mood or who is going to have a bad day. In a household we all get to hang out together and experience each other’s shifting moods. You may wake up feeling great and then someone else in the household isn’t so great, perhaps their moodiness finally catches onto you and then there goes your great day. Fortunately for our family’s sake we aren’t going to walk out the door on a bad day and not come back. As experience over the years shows us that while today is a bad day tomorrow can be better. We keep doing life and family regardless of the less than perfect conditions.

These less than perfect conditions are often opportunities for growth and change. Every person has the possibility of being selfish or to react with bad attitude. Family scenarios can show us what we are made of and highlight areas we may need to deal with. They are opportunities in which we learn to forgive and communicate.

Sometimes in life we can put things off because we are waiting for the ‘perfect conditions’. I used to believe that I was unable to help anyone if my own life had problems! Or that somehow I was less than other people as they seemed to have all their problems sorted. It is all too easy to look from the outside believing that other families have it all together. We have little conversations in our head saying; if they (the Jones’s) knew what our family was really like………  

There will always be something to work on, some obstacle to overcome, some challenge to persevere through. While it may seem as though you are alone in the struggle, you are not alone. Others do go through stuff too! It may not be talked about or broadcast to the neighbourhood; however no one is immune to difficulties in this life time.

Thankfully the ‘perfect conditions’ or the lack thereof don’t need to dictate where our lives and families are headed. We can allow for issues to be worked out when we are reacting and we can choose how to respond to our imperfect day or imperfect life. There is always room for growth and it tends to happen in our imperfect situations.

Don’t believe for a minute that your life needs to be all in order and perfect to be the person you are destined to be. We are always changing and growing through different seasons in life which will guarantee imperfect situations.

So waiting for that ‘perfect day’ could keep you stuck, how about giving yourself permission to LIVE and ENJOY life right now!



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By Anu mari ~ The Change that Changes You

A mother of five, working full-time and enjoy writing blogs which are inspired by my own journey. A journey filled with ups and downs and many lessons. Life is filled with change. We will be faced with change we cant control and the change we can which comes down to our choices and the decisions we make. Sometimes we put decisions off hoping things will change and then they don't. That's when we need to decide?

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